Monday, 1 July 2013

Review: Cyber Colors 24hr eyeliner DUO black

A few months ago before I left for Canberra, a super cool friend got me this and some other things for my birthday! I'd stuck with my Maybelline gel eyeliner until then, which I liked heaps. Although the gel liner doesn't budge for the first few hours, it would smudge on my eye later on due to my hooded eyelids = annoying.

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Cyber Colors 24hr Eyeliner DUO - black
First of all, I really like this eyeliner, don't get me wrong, but it simply DOES NOT last 24 hours on my upper eyelids. I do have oilier and hooded eyelids, but the liquid eyeliner started flaking off a bit after 7 hours. Most of it still stayed on though and it took a while to remove it with a makeup wipe later on. I haven't tried using just the pen side on my upper eyelids though, as it would usually smudge. Instead, I lightly line the outer side on the lashes beneath my eye. It works well and isn't harsh-looking.

You can also see that both the liquid and pen eyeliner are quite fine and very easy to use! The liquid liner's fine brush is rather stiff but still soft so lines are easy to draw. It dries quite quickly in my opinion.

The next photo shows the liquid eyeliner on the left and the pen on the right. Both of them can be rubbed off if you start trying to get rid of it as soon as you apply it. After letting them sit on my arm for 30 seconds, I rubbed it really hard with my fingers and the liquid liner didn't budge, while the pen liner's line became lighter. However, the force I used to try rub it off is WAY more than what you would apply to your eye so it does show this product is quite good in staying power!

Top: Before
Bottom: After
Using water, the liquid liner line flakes and twists together and comes off, while the pen line becomes even light but still visible. Wouldn't recommend relying on this for days when tears may appear.

The liquid liner is very black even with only one stroke. It's also great because it doesn't bleed out at all.

In the end, I still really like this eyeliner although I am seeking an even longer lasting liquid eyeliner, anyone have any recommendations?