Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hello world!

This is a new blog for my every day thoughts and musings :). First posts are just awkward. I'm unclear on the direction of this blog but it will probably both be a personal day-to-day blog of mine, as well as somewhere for me to review some things/places/funsies. However, watch this space for beauty and makeup, fashion, food, music, films, travel and other things.

I've been in Sydney for a week now, since I'm on uni break from Canberra. The weather's been a gloomy bitch but that doesn't spoil the food or shops here ^^.

Last week, I went to eat at the restaurant est., a place which created an environment I found myself really uncomfortable in. It's weird to go from stuffing $2 Mcdonalds burgers down your throat to eating in a high class restaurant with an actual dining experience. Think small portions on large plates where each person spends $70 for two courses and every other table is of business people drinking bottles of expensive red wine.

Don't get me wrong, the place is great but I'm happy to stick to my subpar takeaway junk suitable for the poor uni student's budget.

Forgot to take photos for the entrees but we had oysters, confit chicken wings with tortellini and the spanner crab salad (yum!!). Double apologies for dodgy photos because my parents already ate their first mouthful.

grilled scallops, white rabbit rillettes, parsnip, pickled carrots, orange

angel hair pasta with black truffles & soft egg, truffles from Perigard, FRA

fish, abalone, snow peas, black fungi, ginger – green shallot vinaigrette
(i forgot what fish it was, and it's not the whiting stated on the
 menu as they said they were out of whiting on the day we went)

some free desserts at the end!

Anyway, I'm now going to muck around with my itunes library and add a few new songs and albums. Then hopefully do something more productive and useful? Heh.


Loving my jasmine green tea candle!

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